Texas Pete® Asian Style Pickled Shitake Mushrooms


    • 100 Shitake mushrooms, stems removed
    • 1/3 C Sesame oil
    • 1 tbsp. Salt
    • 2 C Rice wine vinegar
    • 1/2 C Soy sauce
    • 4 tbsp. Granulated sugar
    • 2 tbsp. Sesame seeds, white
    • 3 tbsp. Cilantro, fresh, rough chopped
    • 3 tbsp. Ginger, fresh, grated
    • 3 tbsp. Lemongrass puree, store bought
    • 12 cloves Garlic, fresh, sliced thin
    • 1/2 C Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce


    YIELD: 100 pickled mushroom caps
    PORTION (Serving Size):

    1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Remove and discard the stems from the shitake mushrooms and place the caps in a mixing bowl.  Toss them together with 1/3 cup sesame oil and season with salt.  Place the shitake mushrooms onto 2 parchment-lined sheet trays and roast them in the oven for approximately 15-20 minutes or until golden brown and caramelized.  When mushrooms are roasted, remove from the oven and set aside.
    3. While the mushrooms are roasting, place the rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, granulated sugar and sesame seeds into a small sauce pot and bring to a simmer.  Cook for 1-2 minutes and remove from heat.  Once the vinegar mixture is cooled to 155 degrees, add the fresh cilantro, grated ginger, lemongrass puree, sliced garlic and the Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce and mix well.
    4. Place the mushrooms into a storage container and pour the vinegar mixture over the mushrooms to cover them.  Cover and place the mushrooms into the refrigerator to cool overnight.  The pickled mushrooms will be ready to eat after 24 hours.

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