Texas Pete® is proud to offer an array of products that are sure to kick up the flavor of your creations. Our proprietary blends of pepper sauces are made for better cooking performance as an ingredient and irresistible flavor as a condiment. The Texas Pete® product line includes a variety of time- and labor-saving packaging, from portion control packets to ½ gallon and gallon jugs for back-of-house use.


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March 30, 2020

Texas Pete® PCs Can Be Part of Your COVID-19 “Contingency”.

Your businesses’ reaction to government and public concerns related to COVID-19 is vitally important. The foodservice team at Texas Pete® and the Garner family, who own...

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February 19, 2020

How Texas Pete® Hot Sauce Is Powering Up Food Sales in C-Store

Why do popular chicken-centric restaurant chains count on Texas Pete® Hot Sauce to add spicy goodness to their menu? Because Texas Pete® offers a medium level...

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